Getting into complex / legacy projects quickly

Legacy project – I have no idea what I am doing

Have you recently started a job at a new software company or changed a project? Maybe even after two years the legacy app you maintain still makes no sense to you? This article presents tips on how to get into complex projects quickly.

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Searching at a warp speed

Searching is a speed

All information about a programming language or a project can’t be stored in one’s head.
By searching, a developer can expand his virtual memory onto anything he can search well.

Quick finding is helpful when developing, and priceless when debugging a critical error from production.

Let’s get started to practices around searching.

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Productivity – foundations


Always on-time, more at the same time, quicker, under control, planned, delivered. Productivity topics should be important not only for developers but for their bosses and clients as well. Being productive outside of a programming world won’t hurt either.

Below are general points about productivity explained from a developer’s standpoint.

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