About cookies
Cookies are small files sent from a server to an end user’s device (computer, laptop, smartphone).
Cookies, in general, are used e.g. to identify the user and his settings, customize the site’s appearance, provide authorization services (login), show targeted ads, preserve the basket in online shopping and collect statistics.

Session cookies are stored temporarily until the browser is closed and are usually needed for a site to run properly.
Persistent cookies are cookies saved for a longer period (which period can be changed in browser settings), usually used for user’s preferences.
Third-party cookies are persistent cookies, usually used to collect statistics and show targeted ads.


Cookies on this site
-session cookies
-Google Analytics – used to collect statistical data to create reports about usage of the site; Google stores data collected by this cookie – read Google’s privacy policy here


How to disable cookies
You can disable cookies in your browser’s options. Read more on official sites for Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Edge