The Real True Programmer

Going through life we learn there is always a correct way of doing things, despite if other ways produce the same result, and even they are faster.
The same is for belonging to a certain group – there are rules to follow, even if not following them would benefit the group (and other groups) greatly.

In this article we will focus on what it takes to be a True Programmer (Real Programmer), the one and only ideal, to be accepted in the glorious programmers’ community.

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Getting into complex / legacy projects quickly

Legacy project – I have no idea what I am doing

Have you recently started a job at a new software company or changed a project? Maybe even after two years the legacy app you maintain still makes no sense to you? This article presents tips on how to get into complex projects quickly.

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Codex: Leaving a job

Leaving a job

Even as developers, we can find ourselves in bad workplaces. Too much or not enough processes, spaghetti unmaintainable codebase, over-engineered solutions, lack of automated testing, poor planning, old technologies, long manual builds, to name a few.

The most popular solution to all these problems is a job change.
We want improved companies, but do we at least try to improve them? Why we do not change current jobs to be a new, better ones?

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