Art of system integration

System integration reviewed

The system integration tips presented here are to achieve data integrity, performance, quality, cooperation, and finally fewer support issues.

Tips are based on an integration with web service communication and data transfer between at least two parties.

If you prefer bullet-point version of best practices, scroll down this page.

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Web services in .NET – big picture

Web services

In this technical article, I will present the full picture of web services, basing on WCF technology over HTTP using IIS when going into details. Both beginners and experienced developers may use this article as a checklist of things they already know or want to learn.

By the full picture I mean from a need to have a web service, choosing web service type, correct configuration (e.g. security), deployment environment, to testing tools. I assume you have already created your “Hello web service” application, or just want to have a closer look at the topic.

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