About me


Solutions builder living in Poland.

My first software development experience was working in small teams / individually in startup-alike environments, which gave me a bigger perspective on software development than I would have by “just coding”.
Now I started exploring the just opposite – a big, corporate environment with its equally big portfolio of applications and services. And my expanded perspective scaled for global solutions.
I was always more interested in solving problems, turning stakeholders’ vision into a working thing, a final product or a feature. More than a new version of a language / framework / plugin / etc., with their peculiar implementation quirks.

To get projects done and running I went through business analysis, requirements gathering, project planning and estimation, server’s environment preparation, UX design, coding, licencing, testing, documenting, end-users’ training, and much more. Imagine typical “I want some shiny app to manage orders inside my company, not sure about the details… but I want it. Engage!” and the clock starts to tick.

From a technology perspective, my stack revolves mainly around Microsoft: SQL Server, C#, .NET and everything needed to make desktop apps, web apps and web services.

My professional profile is available at LinkedIn

As for writing, I’ve always liked it, started some time before high school. Writing articles for a popular electronic magazine on social and philosophical topics, about chess, then writing poems, and finally creating an e-book about a forum and online community management (70+ pages).


no_logistic_in_universityAside from programming, you can meet me exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and and new civilizations… in books, movies, tv shows, board games and computer games. Or just visiting a nearby city I’ve never been to before.


About blog

Topics I want to write about are around architecture, productivity and practices mostly.

Getting various things done at warp speed, practices improving general workshop, example implementations of typical modules on a business/design level, software development culture and so on. The more general tip, the more projects it can improve. I’ll be avoiding guides like “Framework XYZ introduction” or typical coding guides.

You can read more about the blog in an introduction post.


Ah, the top banner is a Musket Ball cluster.