Welcome to my blog

Is this blog for you?

The closer to software development the better. While some posts may be technology-specific (.NET world), most are not going to be. You will be exposed to architecture and productivity topics. Other than these two, software development in general will be the best description of other content.

Architecture – by architecture I mean how everything will work together in general, design and business considerations.

Productivity – by productivity I mean doing certain tasks faster (smarter), having workshop-improving practices, also achieving your goals. Shipping.

Software development in general – interesting stories from past projects, workplace and company organizational topics.


How I started the blog?

I’ve got it planned and outlined for more than a year. I wanted it and felt bad for not blogging already. What has changed? Simply simpleprogrammer.com


The site is just the ultimate source of non-technology topics for developers, aka soft skills. The range of covered topics is astounding, from taking care of your health to earning more money.

Then I’ve subscribed to the blogging course offered on the Simple Programmer (more info at devcareerboost.com/blog-course).

I was shocked. This course was not a typical “here are some links, here are some tips, click this, click that, now you have a blog and good luck”. It is a solution designed to get one blogging no matter what the obstacles are (even procrastination), and as you can see, working one.


Should you read or follow this blog?

To be clear, this is not “another coding blog”. I’ve passed the frontier. You will see how the code can impact you, your company and your client. (Read more at About page.)

The only reason to have negative feelings from my blog I can think right now is you trying to be a Ferengi. Like selling your relatives for wealth, hiding a serious bug to get a promotion, or telling your client that an app is ready to use while it’s certainly not. Then, you may not like posts about being a responsible software developer.


Summing up…

Engage! Erm, I mean, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. I feel no doubt about creating a blog after reading this. although now many people have switched to youtube, but it is even more interesting to read while remembering it


    1. Thank you.

      You can always have a blog and a YouTube channel :)

      With the text form, you can easier update and improve the content of new thoughts after some time, reorganize chapters etc.


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